Women & Spirituality Conference


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The Women and Spirituality Conference is a two day multi-faith gathering celebrating diversity, inclusion, spiritual experience and healing. Register now for two days of interactive, experiential workshops with our engaging leaders and speakers. We recognize differing learning styles and strive to make this conference accessible to all.
Visit the exhibitor / vendor area for more opportunities for healing, growth and personal illumination with our readers, healers and wellness team. Enjoy curated shopping and more!
As we have gathered for 39 years, we are so grateful to come together in sacred space to create community dedicated to personal and planetary growth and evolution. See the archives page for conference brochures from previous conferences.

All workshops below will be presented in person at the beautiful St Mary’s Cascade Meadows Campus.

Due to lingering concerns over pandemic and costs of travel, for the first time in conference history, we are offering an ONLINE TICKET! You can take part in the conference from your home or wherever you are. Due to some of the content and logistics recording outside workshops, most but not all the workshops will be recorded.

Through our partnership with Webex, all recordings will be available to watch at a later time, so if you are in person and missing out on a workshop that is full – you can watch the recording later. All recordings will be available and included with the in-person ticket and the ONLINE TICKET.

Because we have limited seating – and so many options for your immersive, transformational weekend – you can choose ‘Opt-out’ for any session where you might want to enjoy the many readers and healers in our Vendor area or schedule dedicated time in the Wellness Circle, brought to you by Hermitage Farm Center for Healing. or take a walk around the pond and take in the late summer sunshine.

Click here to access a Printable PDF of the schedule

Session ONE
Saturday Sept 23rd, 12:30 – 2:00 pm

S1: Body Messengers: An Archetypal Guide for Self-Healing & Well-Being with Valorie Prahl *Live-Stream* room 103
S1: The Wisdom of Holistic Aging with Deah Kinion *Live-Stream* room 104
S1: Real Sky Astrology with Julie Cuccia-Watts *Live-Stream* room 106
S1: Identity and Legacy: Selfhood & Matrilineal Patterning (part 1: Flower Essences) with Loey Colebeck *Live-Stream* room 107
S1: Honoring the Spirits of the Land with Heidi Harrabi *Outside, not recorded* meet in room 100 / lunch room
S1: Touching Worlds Together Tai Chi and More with Stephanie Siddiqui *Live-Stream* room 102

Session TWO
Saturday Sept 23rd, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

S2: The Spirit of Rocks and Stones with Floy Warren-Feltmann *Live-Stream* room 103
S2: Attuning Your Chakras with Spirit-Restoring Balance from Our Stressors with Dr Gail Van Kanegan *Live-Stream* room 104
S2: Scavenging Tales from the Past to Construct a Future Self with Nell Morningstar *Live-Stream* room 106
S2: Identity and Legacy: Selfhood & Matrilineal Patterning (part 2: Family Constellations/ IOPT) with Loey Colebeck *Not recorded* room 107
S2: Nature and Forest Therapy: An Embodied Immersion into Right-Relation with Nature with Leigha Horton *Outside, not recorded* meet in room 100 / lunch room
S2: Gratitude Ritual for all Womyn and Grrls! with Treewommon *Not recorded* room 102

Session THREE
Sunday Sept 24th, 9:00 am – 10:30 am

S3: Heal Your Allergies! with Stacy Edlund *Live-Stream* room 103
S3: Spirit and Mental Illness: Staying Connected When You Want to Pull Away with Melanie Howard *Not recorded* room 104
S3: How to Read Chakras with a Pendulum with Sarah Cura *Live-Stream* room 106
S3: Strega Nona’s Wisdom: Everyday Energy Healing with Carol Geisler & Janet Marinelli *Not recorded* room 107
S3: Drumming with the Mama Earth with Karen Johnson *Outside, not recorded* meet in room 100 / lunch room
S3: Postural Healing for Pain Relief, Body Awareness & Spiritual Expansion with Anna Forliti *Live-Stream* room 102

Session FOUR
Sunday Sept 24th, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

S4: Your Journey thru Tarot’s Major Arcana with Nancy Antenucci *Live Stream* room 103
S4: Mandala Making with Ann Viveros *Live Stream* room 104
S4: Ancestral Lineage Healing: What is it? Why is it Important? with Kristy DuChateau *Live Stream* room 106
S4: Navigating Grief and Loss with JoAnne Makela & Lucy Lou *Not recorded* room 107
S4: Magical Menarche: Reawakening Feminine Magic, Power & Healing Through Your Sacred Cycle with Nicole Trombley *Live Stream* room 102
S4: The Labyrinth: An Ancient Tool for Modern Life with Christine D’Esposito *Outside, not recorded* meet in room 100 / lunch room

Session FIVE
Sunday Sept 24th, 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

S5: Empowering Your Life Through Spiritual Principles with Barbara Korte *Live Stream* room 103
S5: Spiritual Awakening, Healing & Ecological Restoration: A Buddhist Mystic Perspective with Catherine Pawasarat *Live Stream* room 104
S5: Signs, Symbols & Synchronicities with Vickie Bush *Live Stream* room 106
S5: No Limit to Friendship: A Journey of Resilience and Hope with MaryLee Eischen & Kim Hammer *Not recorded* room 107
S5: The Heart of Nature: Grief, Healing & Release with Deah Kinion *Outside, not recorded* meet in room 100 / lunch room
S5: Chakra Emotional Release Workshop with Theresa Priya *Live-Stream* room 102