Women & Spirituality Conference

S3: How to Read Chakras with a Pendulum with Sarah Cura

In this workshop, we will discuss what is a pendulum and how to use it. Specific guidelines will be given for its use in reading chakras, including how to protect yourself energetically. We will also briefly review our 7 embodied chakras. Then we will put it all together and practice reading each other’s chakras. This is a super fun workshop where you will learn a viable skill. The more you practice using a pendulum, the quicker your intuition will strengthen. You can use this skill with friends, family and clients.


I learned how to use a pendulum in my 500 hour yoga teacher training. I have developed a clear method of reading chakras with a pendulum that most anyone can do with practice. I have been working with gemstones for over 30 years now and have learned to listen to the little voices, from the stones and from within myself. I have been reading chakras and giving workshops for over 5 years now.


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Sarah Cura
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