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“Celtic Mythology for an Age of Ecocide: the Land, the Otherworld, and the Anima Mundi” Dr Sharon Blackie, the writer and psychologist, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Edinburgh, Scotland. 16th August 2016 WELCOME DR....

Call for Proposals

If you would like to lead a workshop at our 2023 Women & Spirituality Conference, our call for proposals now open! Please note: Proposals will be accepted until Midnight on May 31, 2023 for the...

Women & Spirituality Conference

If you are:

  • Looking for Ways to Include Spirituality Into Your Everyday Life
  • Seeking Healing through Sisterhood and Community
  • Interested in Raising Women’s Voices and Finding Ways to Lift Each Other Up
  • Searching for Your Authentic Self and Identifying the Work You Were Born to Do
  • Interested in Creating Change and Being the Change in the World
  • Passionate about Sharing and Respecting Women’s Voices
  • Concerned about the Environment and Wanting Engage More Fully With the Land

We will:

  • Meet You Where You Are in Life, Honoring Your Past, Your Story and Your Vision
  • Lead Ceremony, Intentions, Discussions, Workshops & Networking Opportunities
  • Teach & Explore What it Means to Lead a Life Infused with Spirituality and Deeper Meaning
  • Provide a Platform for Women From All Walks of Life to Share Their Stories
  • Allow for Genuine Connections, Compassionate Listening and Presence
  • Offer a Sacred Space, Safe for Personal Growth, Vulnerability and Healing
  • Allow for and Engage in Open Dialogues, Respecting our Differences and Embracing our Wholeness
The Journey Awaits!

“Since 1981 the Women & Spirituality conference has supported thousands of women on their personal path towards healing and wholeness. From learning about the religions and spiritual traditions of the world, to exploring alternative healing modalities, women have come forward to present their work, share their stories and offer their gifts. It has brought us together on our shared journey towards healing, growth and ultimately our own path to finding our Soul’s purpose. These past three years of dealing with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic have been utilized as the gift that they are, a time to reflect on the history of the conference and embrace a renewed, sustainable future.”

Virginia Cooper, Conference Coordinator

If you are interested in volunteering or being part of the conference planning team, please Contact Us. Together we can ensure that this important event continues to provide women with a safe and nurturing space for healing, renewal and personal growth.