Changes are ahead for the Women & Spirituality Conference! Planning has begun for an in-person conference for fall of 2023.

Throughout the 42 years since the conference began, this event has supported thousands of women on their personal path towards healing and wholeness. From learning about the religions and spiritual traditions of the world, to exploring alternative healing modalities, women have come forward to present their work and share their stories. It has brought us together on our shared journey towards healing, growth and ultimately our own path to finding our Soul’s purpose. The model this conference was founded upon allowed it to grow and change and flow with the seasons of change. It is time for a new model to be born. The process of transformation is underway. These past 3 years of dealing with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic have been utilized as the gift that they are. The spirit of the conference has been revitalized and stands ready to meet a more sustainable future.

If you are interested in being part of the next conference’s planning, use the ‘Contact Us’ link and let us know. Together we can ensure that this important event continues to provide women with a safe and nurturing space for healing, renewal and personal growth.