An annual conference celebrating the Divine Feminine. The Women and Spirituality Conference is Dedicated to Deepening our Connections, Embracing our Wholeness and Awakening our Wisdom
Women & Spirituality Conference

Covid Policy

The Women and Spirituality Conference is dedicated to providing a safe space for all participants which includes protecting your health and the health of all participants. We will follow the current CDC guidelines for Covid-19 precautions. Our organizing team will monitor CDC / Department of Health guidelines leading up to the conference and reserves the right to cancel the conference in the event of high transmission rates of Covid-19 or it’s variants.

We request that all participants monitor their own health. If you feel sick, please stay home. If you have tested positive for Covid-19 or any other communicable disease, please stay home. If you have been exposed to someone who is ill, please obtain a Covid test prior to the conference weekend.

Any registered participant who has to cancel because of illness will be given free access to the online conference ticket and be able to enjoy the conference from home. They will also have the option of a reduced rate for next year’s conference.

We have added the online option for the conference so that participants (or their family members) who have fragile health or compromised immunity can enjoy and participate in the conference from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Please be safe. Participants will be encouraged to wear masks, maintain social distancing, wash hands and use hand sanitizer regularly as needed. We will have a small supply of masks available at the registration area.

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