Women & Spirituality Conference

S5: Signs, Symbols & Synchronicities with Vickie Bush

Have you ever wondered what it means when you see the same number continuously come into view? Or experience something that you remembered experiencing at a different time in your life? This workshop provides ancient and current definitions and explanations of signs, symbols, and synchronicities, as well as offering new insights as tools to guide one’s life path, as offered by the spiritual realm. The presenter will share experiences defining repetition of numbers, symbols, and intuitive insight. Spirit has its own communication style, intuitively guiding us.


Vickie is author of “Time/Sand Memoirs: Healing of My Fractured Soul,” Pen name Celeste Newhome. Certified Advanced Psychic, Certified Advanced Tarot Reader, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Level II Healing Touch Practitioner and Energy Healer. Thirty-seven year career as a psychotherapist, in the fields of mental health, chemical health, adoption, program and policy development. International Conference of Healing Beyond Borders presenter, Women & Spirituality past presenter, and several workshops at community level through Community Education.

Vickie Bush
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