Women & Spirituality Conference

S5: Spiritual Awakening, Healing & Ecological Restoration: A Buddhist Mystic Perspective with Catherine Pawasarat

What’s the connection between Buddhist-style enlightenment and the environment? The historical Buddha experienced enlightenment while sitting beneath a bodhi tree, while some Buddhist sects still emphasize the value of practicing in forests. How does Buddhist enlightenment connect with healing, ecology, and nature mysticism? Other spiritual traditions? Learn from the presenter’s experiences and to share your own in small groups.


Catherine Pawasarat studied the ayahuasca sacrament in the Brazilian Amazon in the late 1990s, followed by 25+ years of Buddhist meditation. Together with her partner and community, she co-founded the 310-acre Clear Sky Meditation Center in 2004. At Clear Sky she’s spearheaded a sustainability mandate, ongoing ecological restoration, karma yoga as a path, and conscious community. She teaches global philosophies and methodologies for spiritual awakening.




Instagram: @catherine.pawasarat

Catherine Pawasarat
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