Women & Spirituality Conference

S5: The Heart of Nature: Grief, Healing & Release with Deah Kinion

Together we’ll use this opportunity for quiet, gentle communing outside in the beauty of Cascade Meadows to learn ways to connect and hold our burden, heartache and grief. Practicing presence, we will Unplug and Embrace nature’s gifts using tools offered by nature, taking time to listen, and bear witness.

Participants will allow nature to support grief, and vice-versa, with deep listening, silence, stillness, and forgiveness. We will witness the cycle of nature, bringing us closer to the nature of impermanence, loss, and transformation with greater grace and ease


Deah is co-founder of SE MN Threshold Network, Hospice volunteer, End-of-Life Doula, Holistic Aging Specialist, Death educator, Advance Care Planning facilitator, Home Funeral guide, and Member MN Death Collaborative. Deah’s experience includes nature-mandala workshops with Day Schildkret, and offering workshops on related topics like Grief, Ritual and Celebration, and the Heart of Nature. She has studied with the Elisabeth Kubler Ross Foundation including the Nature of Grief. She maintains the Facebook page of SE MN Threshold Network, and her own website MortaliTea. Deah retired from a 32-year career as a licensed acupuncturist.