Women & Spirituality Conference

S4: The Labyrinth: An Ancient Tool for Modern Life with Christine D’Esposito

The labyrinth is an ancient, universal tool for self-reflection, inner exploration, and navigating transformative experiences. In this workshop, we will explore the map of the hero / heroine’s journey and learn to use the labyrinth as a powerful metaphor/map for any initiatory experience. Working with the labyrinth can bring us wisdom and guidance as we work through the many initiations of life.


Christine D’Esposito (she/her) is a skilled Mentor, Doula and Facilitator with over twenty years of experience in the field of birth work. She is the co-owner of the international doula and childbirth educator training agency, Birthing from Within. Her life’s work includes honoring and celebrating rites of passage, including birth, postpartum, coming of age, death, and the many thresholds in between. Christine currently works as a Doula consultant, helping to establish equitable community doula programs in hospital systems. She is a natural leader and innovator with a strength for navigating the unknown. Christine has a passion for the intersection of birth and social justice work and aspires to be an agent of change in the world. In addition to her many years of experience and the technical expertise that comes with it, Christine brings to her work a sense of playfulness paired with deep life wisdom. This unique combination of traits makes her a truly effective mentor who invites all of us to keep diving into the ongoing work and play of life’s journey.



Christine D’Esposito
*this workshop will be held OUTSIDE and not be live streamed