Women & Spirituality Conference

S2: Scavenging Tales from the Past to Construct a Future Self with Nell Morningstar

Using visual collage and short free writes (writing from a prompt to access subconscious images and language), we will explore the territory of myths, folktales, and fairytales to discover aspects of these ancient stories that resonate with our own personal experiences. From these clues we will begin to construct a unique story of ourselves. Bring paper and pen or your favorite journal for this workshop.


Nell Morningstar, co-founder and co-owner of Evenstar Bookstore (1979 – 2011), Nell is a professional Tarot reader, teacher, and forever student. She writes, ” I am lucky enough to still be exploring the multi-layered mysteries of Tarot and its many associations. I have been a story teller since I began to talk and a writer since I picked up my first Composition notebook and black Flair pen.”

Nell Morningstar
*Included in live stream