An annual conference celebrating the Divine Feminine. The Women and Spirituality Conference is Dedicated to Deepening our Connections, Embracing our Wholeness and Awakening our Wisdom
Women & Spirituality Conference

S1: Honoring the Spirits of the Land with Heidi Harrabi

Join us in ceremony to honor and heal the spirits of the land. Just like humans, the lands around us have a soul that needs care and attention. When we connect with and honor the spirits of the land, we initiate deep Soul healing both for us and for the land. This brings peace, harmony and blessings. We will be journeying to meet the spirits of the land and drumming in ceremony together to raise energy and bring in healing! Please feel free to bring your drum, rattle, or any offering for the land, such as tobacco or cornmeal.

Heidi Harrabi is a Shamanic Priestess, Herbalist & Ayurvedic Practitioner. She is a Spiritual Coach & Healer for women, connecting them with the Goddess and their own Feminine Power to initiate deep transformation in their lives. Her mission is to help women find radiant health and deep connection with their Highest Self to be able to live their Dharma or life purpose with peace and fulfillment in their hearts and souls.

Heidi Harrabi
*this workshop will not be live streamed or recorded as it will be held OUTSIDE