Women & Spirituality Conference

S2: The Spirit of Rocks and Stones with Floy Warren-Feltmann

This session explains vibrations of rocks and stones and how they affect your energy, feelings and the world around you. The chakra colors are translated to healing stones so you can work to get the best healing vibrations for your special, physical needs. Wearing a piece of stone jewelry that will help you feel good can be as easy as finding a stone that “speaks” to you and makes you feel strong and loved. Stones have been used for healing for generations and this session can help understand the powers they hold.


For over 40 years Floy Warren-Feltmann has been working with crystals, stones and their energetic properties. She has sold crystals, natural stones and her unique jewelry in person, at shows and online. She chooses stones for their simple, natural beauty and for their energy and healing. She enjoys creating something special with repurposed vintage jewelry. She also teaches silversmithing, beading and wire wrapping stones for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
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Floy Warren-Feltmann
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