Women & Spirituality Conference

S3: Heal Your Allergies! with Stacy Edlund

Do you have allergies and wish you could actually heal those allergies instead of just managing the symptoms? You can! In this workshop you will learn the root cause of allergies, what science is saying, and how you can heal your allergies with Energetic Allergy Healing. Participants will be lead through an Energetic Allergy Healing experience. There will be time for sharing.


Stacy Edland, founder of Kalila Healing Arts, is passionate about guiding people on their spiritual and personal development journeys with a monthly membership, individual sessions, courses, special events, and more. She is an Energetic Allergy Healing practitioner, Reiki Master, certified Life Coach, and EFT Tapping practitioner. Stacy also has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. You can find Stacy on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest. Her website is kalilahealingarts.com

Stacy Edlund
*Included in live stream