Women & Spirituality Conference

S1: Real Sky Astrology with Julie Cuccia-Watts

An exploration of the origins of astrology with some surprising insights into how looking at astrology through the eyes of ancient Egypt may expand your ideas about western astrology, sidereal astrology and human history. You may or may not be the sign you thought you were. Discover what the ancient Egyptians gods can teach us about ourselves. his class is an introduction to Real Sky Astrology an exploration of Egyptian symbolism hidden in the zodiac a system created by Julie. Participants will explore an alternative sidereal astrology based on the real Sky and be introduced to the symbolism of the zodiac as it appears at the temple of Dendera in Egypt. Julie will talk about her experiences and experimenting with real Sky for the last 14 years after 25 years of western astrology and how real sky astrology has shifted her perspective on astrology. Find out what the real sky says about you.


Julie Cuccia-Watts artist/author of ‘Ancestral Path,’ ‘Blue Moon Tarot,’ ‘MAAT Tarot,’ ‘Journey into Egypt Tarot,’ ‘Real Sky Astrology Tarot’ and forthcoming ‘Real Sky Astrology Oracle of the Great Year.’

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Julie Cuccia-Watts
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