Women & Spirituality Conference

S1: Touching Worlds Together Tai Chi and More with Stephanie Siddiqui

We will take an adventure with inspiration and gratitude with Touching Worlds LLC. This will be an experiential class mixed with movement, meditation, music, mindfulness, and more…. Come to your senses … without even trying. The theme will be about experiencing spiritual aspects of ourselves with creativity, connection, compassion, and community while doing a movement, meditation, music, mindfulness, and more…. Each class is a little different each time as the theme and each person makes the class unique each time.

Bring an open mind, be comfortable, and be willing to be aware through our senses. Instructor Stephanie Siddiqui created this custom program and has been leading classes and presentations for several years. She brings tranquility, calm and centered focus with her unique approach to Tai Chi.


Stephanie completed her Master’s and Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Psychology from St. Cloud State University in 1995 and 1997. She has been teaching mindfulness with Touching Worlds LLC, since 2016. She founded and leads a
non-profit organization, Sea Others Foundation (www.seaothers.org) helping people with referrals and community-building outreach programs.

Stephanie is currently accredited to teach mindful movement classes in: Tai Chi for Health (Sun 21) Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1 and Falls Preventions Instructor, Tai Chi for Health (Sun 41) or Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 2 Instructor, Tai Chi for Health – Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor, Tai Chi for Health – Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Instructor, Tai Chi Chih Instructor, Practice Group Leader from Spring Forest Qigong, YMCA Tai Chi for Better Balance Instructor, Tai Ji Quan Moving for Better Balance (TJQMBB), YMCA Foundations of Group Exercise by ACE (American Council on Exercise) and Breathing Coach by Mind Body Science Institute.

She loves to fuse movement, music, meditation, the healing arts, and more through facilitating, teaching, and artistic/musical expression with classes and community events. For more information visit: www.touchingworlds.com Email: [email protected] Youtube Channel: @touchingworldstogether