Women & Spirituality Conference

S2: Attuning Your Chakras with Spirit-Restoring Balance from Our Stressors with Dr Gail Van Kanegan

Stress unbalances our connection to Spirit. The chakras serve as our energetic connection to higher consciousness and Spirit. Learn about your 11 chakras and the role they serve in maintaining energetic and spiritual balance. Experience a Chakra Attunement for balance and reconnect to Spirit at a higher vibrational level. Learn how to use simple yet powerful energetic tools to maintain balance and spiritual connection.

Dr. Gail Van Kanegan is a certified Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Faculty for all Eden Energy Medicine Certification Programs. She is an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, and Art of Raising Frequency Practitioner. She specializes in resolving the harmful effects of stress, which can produce imbalances in our Mind, Body, and Spirit that can lead to acute or chronic illness. She is a Spiritualist who lives her life by the Guidance of Spirit and The Angels. She is also a nationally recognized speaker, workshop facilitator and author of two books, ‘How to Survive Your Hospital Stay’ and ‘The Art of Raising Frequency, Setting the Vibrations for Healing’. She has a private Energy Healing practice and has presented over a thousand seminars & workshops on Holistic Health to Health Care Professionals, Holistic Healers.
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Dr. Gail Van Kanegan, DNP, CNP, APHN
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