Women & Spirituality Conference

S2: Gratitude Ritual for all Womyn and Grrls! with Treewommon

This is a Gratitude Ritual for Womyn and Grrls to celebrate the divine feminine within, at every stage of life: maiden, mother and crone. Come grandmothers, mothers and daughters! We will sing and drum and dance and celebrate the bonds between the generations and between all women. Bring a journal and a pen for some writing exercises about gratitude. This workshop is open to those of transgender experience and for all ages. If young boys must attend so that their mothers may attend, that’s fine too.


Treewommon has been a Wiccan priestess in her community, having lead earth based rituals with Spiderwimmin and Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess (RCG) for two decades. She has presented workshops at the Women and Spirituality Conference in Rochester and when it was held in Mankato. She created and led the opening and closing ceremonies in 2012 and 2013. More recently, she has presented drumming and other rituals at Paganicon, a major pagan conference held in Minneapolis at Spring Equinox. In her mundane life, she is an attorney practicing family law, wills and name & gender designation changes in St. Paul.

*this workshop will not be live-streamed or recorded