Women & Spirituality Conference

Healing Circle brought to you by Hermitage Farm Center for Healing

This year we will have a dedicated space set up for more personal work, including massage, Reiki, Energy Work, Health Coaching Spiritual Guidance provided by practitioners from Hermitage Farm.


Tina Ridler

Tina is founder & owner of Sage Wellness in Rochester MN where she provides massage and spa therapy. She has 35 + years of experience in the fields of health, medical technology, wellness, massage & bodywork, personal consulting, lay ministry, teaching, skin care, makeup artistry, cosmetology, coaching, business and entrepreneurship. 
Tina is also a Covid-19 Long Hauler, works with and advocates for Covid Injured patients, and is a leader in the national Covid Longhaul community.
You can contact Tina by email at [email protected] of visit her website at www.sagewellnessrochestermn.com

Tina will be offering:
* Infrared Cocoon – Far Infrared addresses the root cause of illness by helping to bring your body to a state of homeostasis. Infrared light charges the cells with energy allowing them to more efficiently detox the body, delivers nutrients to areas with limited circulation, and renews, regenerates, and restores at the cellular level. Great for muscle toning and recovery, weight mtg., immune system healing and more.
* Pillossage – Radiant heat bliss using Mother Earth Flaxseed Pillows! Very Relaxing – Gentle and Healing. Great for stiff and sore joints, muscles, circulation issues and lymph work. Heated Flax Pillows release tight muscles and joints, and restore healthy circulation.
* Head, Hands, and Feet – Enjoy this relaxing treatment which includes an aromatherapy scalp treatment, and spa hand & foot treatment. Includes luxury lotions customized for you.
* MN River Stone Rescue – Let the river’s energy carry your tension away. Warm river stones are placed on key chi points to reestablish energy flow. Ceramic stones are used to gently massage. Relaxing and refreshing.

Diane Anderson, MS, RMT

Diane is a healing arts practitioner and teacher. Her practice includes Reiki, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Holistic Health Coaching, and Spiritual Mentoring. Diane helps empower individuals to transform their lives by expanding their awareness, releasing trapped emotional energy, and helping them to discover their own personal power and sense of purpose.
She facilitates a Reiki Share Group and Journey Circle at Hermitage Farm Center for Healing.
Diane has been a frequent presenter and vendor for the Women and Spirituality Conference and has served as a member of the planning committee in recent years.

About Reiki Healing:
Reiki is a complementary therapy that works with our life force energy to promote relaxation, healing, and well-being. Reiki uses gentle touch to improve energy flow and to balance the physical, mental, and emotional energy systems. A Reiki session is performed while you lie, fully clothed, on a massage table. Studies show that Reiki helps reduce anxiety, stress, and pain and increases physical vitality.


Dalia Elimam, MD, EEM -CP

Dalia is the owner of Bliss Center for Energy Medicine LLC. As a former physician and researcher for over 23 years, she combines her understanding of health and disease with her expertise as a certified Energy Medicine practitioner to help individuals to achieve their physical, emotional, and mental health goals without the use of medications.
She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Egypt in1999 and completed her residency in Pediatrics and Neonatology in 2003, receiving her Masters of Science in Hematology 2003. She completed her PhD Thesis work in Medical Genetics at the University of Miami in 2010.
In 2022 she became a Certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner and instructor. Her passion is to help those who are suffering and need help to heal – to rediscover themselves and their joy in life. She empowers her clients to find their best physical and spiritual wellbeing. Her goal is for everybody to have access to their strength and wisdom and understanding and feel their best.

About Dalia’s work:
In 2014 Dalia began a four year journey filled with loss, grief and disabling health challenges. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery and further self-development seeking well-being, purpose and passion, meaning and wisdom of life. Searching for what lies beneath the unexpressed, the unspoken, the unseen, the root cause, the deeper meaning and the wisdom in our body and life, Eden Energy Medicine made so much sense to her. It provided her with answers, explaining relationships, health, root causes of disease. It empowered her and allowed her to accept and breathe and see the wisdom in what we are being gifted with in this life; it liberated her and gave her wings. Becoming a certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner and teacher, she found her new passion and purpose.


Dawn Marie Jacobson, MD
Dawn is devoted to helping people find their personalized path to optimal health using a combination of western and eastern healing practices. She is an integrative physician at Parsley Health, offering convenient online appointments across California, Washington, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maine. She also offers a series of Abundant Living programs and retreats for body-mind-spirit wellness and transformation.

Dr. Jacobson is a board-certified Preventive Medicine physician and an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Provider. She is a graduate of the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona (started by Andrew Weil, MD) and received Ayurveda practitioner training through Maharishi Ayurveda (Fairfield, Iowa). She completed medical school at the University of Iowa College of Medicine and her Preventive Medicine residency at the University of California-San Diego Medical Center. You can also reach her by email at: [email protected]

About Dawn’s work:
Dawn will offer a body mind and spirit wellness consultation. This is based on the healing principles of functional medicine and Ayurveda.  Participants will have a brief assessment and exam. They will leave with one or two things to implement into their daily routines to support their body-mind-spirit wellness.


Lisa Van Getson, APRN, DNP, FNP-BC
Lisa holds the privilege of being the Foundress of Hermitage Farm Center for Healing. She is most honored to be among many Healing Arts Practitioners who hold the same dream and vision of healing the mind-body-spirit in complementary alternative ways of healing. Her professional life has included 28 years of nursing and as a Family Nurse Practitioner she has dedicated her career in a cardiovascular surgery specialty at Mayo Clinic Rochester. She is a trained Clinical Medical Ethicist with a Master’s Degree in Theology and Spirituality. Throughout her career, her patients have really been her ‘best teachers.’ She has learned that integrated in a complex body of illness, the soul struggles to find a physical and spiritual balance to heal. The soul longs to experience healing and peace in the midst of uncertainty and pain. She has also learned that healthcare providers long for healing and peace in a busy and complicated healthcare environment. Integrating spirituality into healthcare should be as natural as making daily ‘patient rounds.’ Her training in Whole Health Education™ and Health Coaching has affirmed her passion to help clients learn how to manage stress in daily life.
With a particular passion in helping clients manage chronic illness: anxiety, spiritual distress, grief and cardiovascular disease, she has developed a 6-12 week program in Holistic Stress Management and integrates this into her Health Coaching Practice.
May you walk in Peace and Beauty, for more information, you can email her at [email protected]

About Lisa’s work:
Lisa believes we all have the capacity to heal the imbalances in our mind-body-spirit which cause illness. Her vision is to provide an environment where individuals can experience true healing. She believes we are co-creators in expanding the consciousness of God. By expanding the consciousness of God, we create inner harmony and world peace. In the depths of inner peace, we are awakened to our capacity of creating a peaceful, sustainable future. She will be offering Energy Medicine, Reiki Healing, Health Coaching and Spiritual Guidance as an integrative approach to living with chronic illness.

All work will be scheduled during the weekend and paid separately to HF team by cash, check, credit card. Consider using the ‘Opt-Out’ option when you purchase your conference ticket and visiting the Hermitage Farm Wellness Circle for some dedicated time for your own healing.