Women & Spirituality Conference


Vendor / Exhibitor applications – NOW ACCEPTED!

Thank you to for submitting your application to be a vendor / exhibitor at this year’s conference, October 5th & 6th, 2024!

Applications will be accepted until we are full. Notifications will be sent out by June 10th, 2024.

Set up time will be available Friday evening and early Saturday morning, exact times to be announced later, the site will be locked and secure after end of day on Friday and Saturday so you may leave your booth set up overnight without worry. The conference ends on Sunday approximately 4:30, please refrain from taking down your booth early. Vendors may share a booth and are free to promote their aligned businesses, products and services.

Due to the limited number of vendor spaces, we will select vendors and exhibitors that are aligned with our mission to promote women and women owned businesses, to promote businesses that celebrate the Divine Feminine, spirituality and themes of living a lifestyle in alignment with Earth friendly, environmentally conscious living. We want to celebrate your artistry and creativity!

Preference will be given to vendors that are also submitting proposals for workshops, and to non-profit organizations that support women and girls.

All vendors will be able to promote their business and services through the website and online during the conference, we will promote you via links to your website, online shopping (Etsy or other online marketplace) and targeted social media posts.

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Artwork by Sue Kosharek ‘Muse Zings by Susan’

“Her shrines were found everywhere, for everywhere is her abode- near the hearth, at the sacred well or spring that provides water for drink and healing, in the ancient grove of trees forming Nature’s cathedral, in the deepest cave, on the highest mountain. The plants and animals, the moon, sun and stars, the river that flows to the sea and the ocean itself: all were her domain. All were sacred to the Goddess. All were recognized as forming a part of the Great Mother and therefore as kin.

Adele Getty, “Goddess”