Session One

Victoria Oestmann
Access Consciousness Bars with The Wellspring Massage
Victoria Oestmann, Decorah, IA. Session 1. Join me for this interactive introduction to Access Consciousness Bars®, a dynamic body process of gently touching 32 points on the head that many people of all ages in ...
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image of Jennifer
From Victim to Guru: Self-Realization through Archetypes and their Goddesses Counterparts (Part I).
Claire Marie Kohout, Hudson, WI. Jennifer Hummel, New Richmond, WI. Session 1. Broaden one’s self-realization with the archetypes and their goddesses through the lens of the chakra system. At the end of the course, participants ...
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Forrest Mainville
Gender Beyond the Binary
Forrest Mainville, Edina, MN. Session 1. Forrest Mainville encourages and helps others to show up authentically, open to new possibilities, and go deeper into their stories. They are writing their memoir about embracing a new ...
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Finding Guidance for a Woman’s Life Journey through Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel
Jennifer Exsted, Chanhassen. Sharon Burton, Rochester. Session 1. Each phase of life's journey, from youth to elder years, brings with it spiritual lessons and challenges. The journey includes lessons about relationships, marriage, children, work and ...
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Treewommon and friend.
Gratitude Ritual for Women and Girls
Treewommon, Shooting Star, St. Paul, MN. Session 1. Introductions & Welcome Singing in the Sacred DirectionsCenter Honoring the Stages of Life: Maiden, Mother, Crone Exploring gratitude through journaling Mini personal energy readings--if participants so choose ...
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Julie Lynn Joyce
Loving Yourself and Healing Your Spirit
Julie Lynn Joyce, Woodbury, MN. Session 1. Loving yourself is not selfish. It is a bold affirmation of the value of your life. It is important to remind yourself that you deserve such love – ...
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Gina Miranda
Understanding the Universe Using Mayan Spirituality
Gina K. Miranda, St. Paul, MN. Session 1. In the lecture I explain the origin of the Maya, the creation of ancient beliefs. We will explore the Native American ancient views about life and ways ...
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Cathy Weber-Zunker, Hypnosis
Hypnosis and Spirituality: Expanding Your Pathways
Cathy Weber-Zunker, Alexandria, MN, Session 1. Do you have a pile of books stacked on your night table, and an intention to delve deeper into your own personal spiritual journey ... and somehow you seem ...
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Amanda Rangel
Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy Balance
Amanda Rangel, Gina SoleilMinneapolis, MN. Session 1. The purpose of this workshop is to guide participants inward. Participants will receive a blueprint of characteristics of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy. The goal is to ...
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Touching Worlds with Tai Chi
Stephanie Siddiqui, Farmington, MN. Session 1. Touch worlds with slow graceful movements that create inner and outer physical, mental and emotional balance, strength and energy. In the workshop, we will have a discussion, share inspiring ...
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Tune-in, Turn-on, Tune-up: Women, Empowerment & Spirituality
Vickie L. Bush, Owatonna, MN. Session 1. Explore the multi-faceted dimensions of being a Woman! "Tune-in, Turn-on, Tune-up: Women, Empowerment & Spirituality" is an experiential workshop designed to allow women to have greater insight into ...
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Session Two

Moving Meditation for All
Tina Cotterman, Inver Grove Heights, MN. Session 2. Anyone can meditate! This class is presented as a way for people of all physical abilities and sizes to learn ways to meditate through movement-not all Zen ...
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Dawn Morningstar
Sacred Sisterhood Awakening: Embracing a New Self-Love Paradigm Together
Dawn Morningstar, St. Paul, MN. Session 2. In order to transform our world, women need to transform their own lives first. "Sacred Sisterhood Awakening" awakens women by examining all they have been told about putting ...
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Cheryl Killilea
Courage to ACT
Cheryl Killilea, Onalaska, WI. Session 2. Discover how your unique purpose, strengths, and future visions can not only help you on the path to change but give you the confidence to enjoy the bumpy ride ...
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image of Jennifer
From Victim to Guru: Self-Realization through Archetypes and their Goddess Counterpart (Part II)
Claire Marie Kohout, Hudson, WI. Jennifer Hummel, New Richmond, WI. Session 2. Broaden one’s self-realization with the archetypes and their goddesses through the lens of the chakra system. At the end of the course, participants ...
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Renewing Your Spirit
Carole Cravath, Rochester, MN. Session 2. The purpose of this workshop is to help people reconnect with their spirit and all of its many wonderful qualities including joy, wisdom, inspiration, love, beauty and power. When ...
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Bhavana Shivu
Chronic Bipolar Disorder, My Story of Struggle & Healing
Bhavana Shivu, Rochester, MN. Session 2. I started suffering from some strange symptoms soon after I turned 35. I tried Ayurvedic therapeutic massage, homeopathy, Love Yourself workshops (based on Louise Hay's ideas) Ayurveda and Astrology ...
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The Queen of Heaven
Rev. Shelli Haft, Woodbury, MN. Session 2. To begin, I will talk about Mother Mary and my seeking journey. I will go into detail about how I was afraid of the dark until I met ...
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Symptoms as Messengers – Hearing the Call of the Divine Feminine
Valorie Prahl, Cedar Falls, IA. Session 2. Purpose- to acquaint participants with their own power and to understand that symptoms are not to be feared but used as a pathway to transformation and self-realization. It ...
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Align With the Rhythm of the Universe: How to Sync with the Cycles and Seasons & Optimize Your Life Path
Kailean Welsh, Viroqua, WI. Session 2. Life on planet Earth is constantly changing. Yet, the one thing we've come to count on is the cycle of the seasons. They are enduring and consistent—we know that ...
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Session Three

Food & Spirituality: Eating for Color and Vibration
Deanna Minich, Port Orchard, WA Session 3. Food is fuel for the body and nourishment for the soul. It connects to the entire spectrum of one's being. What you eat, how you eat, and when ...
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Classical Nia
Jacqueline Markevitch Paulsen, Minnesota City, MN. Session 3. Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Nia tones your body while transforming your mind. More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic fitness practice addressing each ...
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Be Perceptive to the Colors in Your Aura Energy Field
Annette Bruchu, Stillwater, MN. Session 3. The relationship between your Aura field and your Chakra system is through color. Understanding the harmony between the two will create a healthier You. When you are true to ...
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Spiritual Anatomy for Healers
Antoinette Caruso, Ellsworth, ME. Session 3. Spiritual anatomy reveals the root cause of pain in clients that exhibit stress, anxiety, and physical pain. Emotional, mental, and spiritual issues can emerge in the body if not ...
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Personal Journaling with the Tarot
Nell Morningstar, Minneapolis, MN. Session 3. Combining personal journaling techniques (both written and visual) and Tarot allows us to play with two distinct paths to self-reflection. We will explore exercises, prompts and other ways to ...
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Frank Andresen
Sound, Singing Bowls & Gongs
Frank and Kathy Andresen, Minnesota City, MN. Session 3. Gongs are useful in resolving emotional and physical dissonance. Magic happens when there is no separation between the gong, the player and the listener. Playing and ...
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Anne Murphy
What is a Death Doula?
Anne Murphy, Jane Whitlock, St. Paul, MN. Session 3. What is a death doula? What are your options? What are the environmental considerations? What are your spiritual ideas? We cover these topics and more. Led ...
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Mary Newstrom 1
Shamanic Meditation & Spirit Boat Journey
Mary Newstrom, St. Louis Park, MN. Session 3. I am excited to be offering this workshop to you today. We start with the Circle of Light Shamanic Meditation, which is a technique to raise our ...
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Self-Healing for Various Illnesses: A Chinese Mystery School (Hanmi Buddhist) Meditation Class
Charlotte Steen, Little Canada, MN. Session 3. The Chinese Mystery School – Hanmi Buddhism—has many meditation practices and techniques for healing oneself and others. Learn one that you can use for many situations to bring ...
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Mediumship and the Divine Feminine
Claudia Johnson, Minneapolis, MN. Session 3. This workshop will connect the history of women in spiritualism using the healing aspect of the Divine Feminine and how these amazing pioneers influenced the political and societal changes ...
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Luanne Buechler
Living Your Purpose
Luann Buechler, Byron, MN. Session 3. This workshop is based on the bestselling book, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Your Life’s Purpose, written by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. This simple yet ...
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Session Four

Vocal Toning: Using Your Voice For Healing and Transformation
Cathleen Gempeler, Apple Valley, MN. Session 4. Vocal toning is vibrational medicine. Each of us has been given an extraordinary gift: the voice. The voice holds all of our wounds, pain and hurts and when ...
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Nedra Blietz
Healer, Heal Thyself
Nedra Blietz, West Salem, WI. Session 4. The belief systems of a healer are very important. In this workshop, we will check subconscious beliefs around instant healings, belief blocks for healers, programs around giving and ...
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Spirituality and Nutrition
Shawngela Pierce, Sierra Vista, AZ. Session 4. It doesn’t take much to realize that in our society there is a tremendous amount of confusion related to nutrition. Most people approach nutrition from a scientific perspective, ...
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Karla Hankes
The Enso Experience
Karla Hankes, Westfield NY. Nancy Gedney, Mason City, IA. Session 4. The Enso Experience is a simple, profound, and compelling process for activating theta states of consciousness and communing with the 'deep mind' also known ...
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Paula Kramer
Feeling, Seeing, & Psychically Reading Auras
Paula Kramer, Nelsonville, WI. Session 4. The first step in developing psychic skills is to pay attention, and auras are an easy and fun way to begin paying attention. Auras are colorful electromagnetic energy fields ...
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Freeing your Soul from Stress
Jurema Silva, Collegeville, MN. Session 4. When you are stressed you lose the sense of self. Your physical body is deeply affected, responding to your state of mind and feelings. You create a disconnection with ...
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Deep Awakenings Prom[p]t Connect – A Journaling Circle
Sara Taylor, River Falls, WI. Session 4. This class examines the benefits of journaling while on a spiritual quest. Journaling can be considered a dialogue with one's soul in an effort to write toward wholeness ...
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Setting Your Internal GPS, Your I-GPS
Dorothea Hrossowyc, Northfield, MN. Session 4. Neuroscience now shows us we all have our own internal GPS system, a part of the brain whose job is to see to it that we accomplish our goals ...
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Deah Kinion
Death is a Partner for Life
Deah Kinion, Rochester, MN. Session 4. This class will educate and empower participants and help to remove the stigma of fear and shame associated with death. It will demonstrate death’s role in cultivating an increase ...
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If Not You, then Who? Becoming the Sage the World Needs
Rita Simon, MD, Chippewa Falls, WI. Session 4. "Ageism" is alive and well in our culture! It starts early in life, especially for women. Women become more and more invisible as they age, and their ...
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