When God Was a Little Girl

In 2013, Illustrator Joan Hernadez Lindeman completed the illustrations for When God Was a Little Girl, written by colleague David Weiss, Professor of Religion, Author, and Speaker. It was published that year and has since earned 5 awards, including 2014 Nautilus Book Awards Silver Medal Winner for Children’s Picture Book, which “celebrates and honors books that support conscious living & green values, high-level wellness, positive social change & social justice, and spiritual growth.” The book was recently translated and published in Spanish in the spring of 2018. American feminist theologian Carter Heyward and Columbia Seminary Professor Walter Brueggemann have both reviewed the book at www.whengodwasalittlegirl.com.

Weiss and Lindeman are committed to sharing their book with anyone who may be empowered by an analogy of the sacred feminine.  Although this book is based in Christian theology, it does not attempt to convert or oppress any faith, but rather offers to be inclusive of the various ways individuals may relate to a creator.  It can be used in forums to create dialogue that allows individuals to connect with the image of a feminine God.  It can also be simply shared with audiences for women’s empowerment.  

From Lindeman: “We are seeking collaboration with others to share this book with women and girls in shelters, faith communities, places of healing, prisons, or other suggested organizations.  When shared with women and girls, as well as men, this book affirms the knowledge of the sacred feminine.  Feminist Theologian Carter Heyward writes, “These pages sparkle with sacred truths too deep for words.”  Please reach out at the information below to connect about opportunities to share this message:

Joan Hernandez Lindeman, Illustrator
1516 25th St SE
Rochester, MN 55904
(612) 237-0992