What is a Death Doula?

Anne Murphy,
Jane Whitlock,
St. Paul, MN.
Session 3.

What is a death doula? What are your options? What are the environmental considerations? What are your spiritual ideas? We cover these topics and more. Led by Anne Murphy (funeral celebrant) and Jane Whitlock (death doula), this lighthearted discussion will be an open forum to learn about your options and possibilities when it comes to celebrating a person’s life.

Anne Murphy is a Celebrant, Home Vigil Guide, and Death Educator. Anne is trained in the art of supporting individuals and families through the season of death and dying through heart-centered, compassionate, and meaningful conversations, rituals, and ceremonies. Death and dying are a part of life that can frequently cause fear, anxiety or straight up denial. By acknowledging death as a natural part of life and planning for it, thoughtfully and lovingly can support everyone involved. Anne has witnessed the calm confidence people have when they are empowered and educated to make their end of life wishes known. Though dying is not optional, the way we honor, celebrate, and relate to death is. Anne currently serves both nationally and locally. She is a founding member of the Minnesota Death Collaborative, Our Lady of Peace volunteer, Minnesota Threshold Network leadership circle and has served in various capacities for the National Home Funeral Alliance, Green Burial Council, Crescent Cove Pediatric Hospice & Respite and National Doula Alliance.

Jane Whitlock is a trained death doula. She supports individuals and families as they face the end of life. She recently did a TEDx Minneapolis on how we as a society are losing out on the gifts that death has to offer us, on the opportunity to lead lives with more meaning and love. She offers end of life doula training through Doula givers of NYC. She holds a BA in American Institutions from UW Madison. In her first life, she was a middle school social studies teacher and Athletic Director. She lost her husband after a four-month illness with kidney cancer. It was this experience that put her on the path to become a death doula. http://www.deathdoulajane.com/