Vocal Toning: Using Your Voice For Healing and Transformation

Cathleen Gempeler,
Apple Valley, MN.
Session 4.

Vocal toning is vibrational medicine. Each of us has been given an extraordinary gift: the voice. The voice holds all of our wounds, pain and hurts and when we use this gift of the voice to release hurts and emotions, we heal from within using our own innate and powerful voice. Toning is defined as the vocal sounding of the breath. Vocal toning harmonizes and releases any blocked emotional memory patterns.

Cathleen Gempeler is a board certified music therapist in private practice. She is the owner of MUSIC FOR HEALING LLC in Apple Valley, MN. Cathleen has 25 years of music therapy experience working with people of all ages and levels of ability. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy, she uses vocal toning/sound healing daily and has found that this practice opens the mind and the heart and it keeps one healthy–physically, emotionally, spiritually because it cleanses our electromagnetic field and harmonizes patterns. She bases her vocal toning practice on the pioneering work of Don G. Campbell and Laurel Elizabeth Keyes. They both left a legacy of vocal toning for all of us. Vocal toning is calming and brings you into increased awareness. Cathleen has presented at St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Mt. Olivet Rolling Acres, and Rotary groups. http://www.cathleengempeler.com/