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A Message from the Conference Coordinator

Over the past three years, since leaving Mankato and coming to Rochester, we have opened our hearts to the over-lighting spirit of the conference, in all its wisdom of 38+ years. We have asked in prayer and through journey for vision and clarity. The Three Pillars were born of this search. The new logo reflects this Triple Goddess, our principles, the Triskele symbol.

The Women & Spirituality Conference is dedicated to Deepening our Connections, Embracing our Wholeness & Awakening our Wisdom.

The Women & Spirituality Conference continues to grow and adapt to our changing needs. The move from an academic setting to a public venue has been the most challenging hurdle, the cost is nearly prohibitive and we have worked hard to keep the conference affordable and accessible.

This year we did raise the fee for vending and find that by comparison to other larger conferences we are still below the market. Smaller events, like the expos and psychic fairs popping up everywhere, do often charge less, but their costs are less also. We hope to compensate by bringing in more participants and also a greater exposure for you, our vendors, in awareness & visibility. We have significantly lowered the cost of admission to make the conference more accessible to women of all economic backgrounds.

We are looking for a team to help transition to a non-profit status. We believe that our leadership must follow the three principles; the spiral of connection is the spiral of our sisterhood. Our leadership must be circular. Not a pyramid. All things move in cycles or circles. Our planning and decisions should be made by consensus. If you are called to join your voice, please use the contact us form on the main page.

One of the benefits of non-profit status will be the ability to apply for grants and this will in turn give us the ability to lower costs. As a non-profit we will be able to offer tax deductions to those who contribute to us.

We are also looking for a volunteer coordinator, someone to answer emails from potential volunteers and to organize them leading up to and during the conference. If you are interested in this, or sharing the responsibility of this, please use the contact us form on the main page.

We will be announcing the workshops in just a few days! This is very exciting as we had so many wonderful, thoughtful, amazing proposals. Such difficult decisions and the sad news is, because of limited space, not everyone can be chosen. But with so many women ready to lead, ready to teach, ready to heal and share their vision with the world, we can only find hope for the future.

Part of our long range planning includes other events, shorter retreats and immersion events throughout the year. We are dedicated to service and the mission of the Three Pillars.

Many Blessings to you,

Virginia Cooper, Conference Coordinator


Image of Katrina Lunden

You have questions, worries, or concerns. I believe healing begins with a clear and settled mind. Through intuitive tarot readings, I am able to provide insight and guidance for you, and by working with a variety of tarot decks, you receive a more attuned reading. My patrons tell me that my readings are like the unfolding of a story, lit by sage advice. I know they give you reassurance, answers, confidence,and a path forward to follow. With over 30 years of experience since having tarot decks during my childhood in England, allow me to walk you through life’s path ahead.

Admire the tarot, or fallen in love with a deck used during your reading? I will also have tarot decks available at this event for you to view and purchase.

Throughout the year, I also teach two tarot workshops: Just One Day is my introductory course, developed to open your intuition and be able to read the tarot in just one day, and Flip It!, a deep-dive into various tarot layouts, how to use them, and how to create your own.

Website: www.tarotbykatrina.com
Email: katrina@tarotbykatrina.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Tarot.by.Katrina
Instagram: instagram.com/TarotByKatrina
Phone: 320-260-2138