Understanding the Universe Using Mayan Spirituality

Gina K. Miranda,
St. Paul, MN.
Session 1.

In the lecture I explain the origin of the Maya, the creation of ancient beliefs. We will explore the Native American ancient views about life and ways of beings as well as interactions with environment. I will explain the 20 basic forces of the universe their powers and flaws. I will identify everyone in the audience forces and their position present and at birth. I will explain the positions on the river of life and implications. Also resources to continue learning will be provided.

Gina K. Miranda was born in Central America. She was trained as an Ajkin (Keeper of Days ) by Ochee at age 11. She graduated as a system analyst and programmer 1979, then studied Mayan Archaeology at Hamline University in St Paul MN, 1990. She was adviser to the greatest Mayan exhibit in US history at the Minnesota Science Museum in 2013.

Author of:

  • Matter of Chulel
  • Lost Knowledge of the Mayan Calendar
  • Finding the Chulel
  • The Journey of the First Americans
  • The Ancient Mayan Constellations
  • The Ancient Mayan Lunar Calendar