Tune-in, Turn-on, Tune-up: Women, Empowerment & Spirituality

Vickie L. Bush,
Owatonna, MN.
Session 1.

Explore the multi-faceted dimensions of being a Woman! “Tune-in, Turn-on, Tune-up: Women, Empowerment & Spirituality” is an experiential workshop designed to allow women to have greater insight into who you are as a woman, how your idea of who you are has been formulated, and develop an empowered enlightenment to gain your highest potential as a woman. Areas of spiritual enhancement are explored including meditation.

There is a natural curiosity within a woman as to what it truly means to be a woman, a Divine feminine spirit light. The purpose of this experiential workshop is to allow women to review their internal dialogues of what it means to be a woman in today’s society, to examine their own vulnerabilities and strengths as well as how familial and/or societal values encourage women’s freedom or develop entrapment of vulnerabilities. We will discuss ways in which we empower ourselves and other women, and the role of spirituality in women’s lives will be explored, how to enhance their spiritual beings, and one’s full potential. Modes of self/spiritual connections will be explored and demonstrated including meditation, music, breathing and exercise.

As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor, and Intuitive Empath with Spiritual Prophetic Gifts of Clairvoyance and Clairsentience, my career as a psychotherapist has spanned the past 35 years. It is my deepest honor to acknowledge the presentation of this workshop at the Healing Beyond Borders International Conference in September of 2018, of which it was enthusiastically received. Current project, “TIME/SAND MEMoirs: Healing of My Fractured Soul.”

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