Touching Worlds with Tai Chi

Stephanie Siddiqui,
Farmington, MN.
Session 1.

Touch worlds with slow graceful movements that create inner and outer physical, mental and emotional balance, strength and energy. In the workshop, we will have a discussion, share inspiring words and affirmations, practice healing qigong movements and Tai Chi movements from Tai Chi for Health program which is endorsed by many health organizations.

Stephanie Siddiqui has a Master of Science in Applied Psychology from St. Cloud State University in 1997 with a special interest in diversity and spirituality. She started teaching Tai Chi in 2016 at the Twin Cities YMCA and started Touching Worlds LLC in 2018. Stephanie fell in love with Tai Chi and Qigong in 2012 after doing it for a few years. She noticed the significant difference it made in her personal life and she started teaching a class at the YMCA. Now, she teaches at multiple YMCA locations, a senior living facility, Pathways Minneapolis, Sea Others Foundation, community or city organization as well as offers private lessons, coaching, and presentations. Tai Chi is more than just a slow-moving exercise; it balances the mind, body, and spirit with clarity, harmony, and self-healing. Stephanie loves teaching and helping people to achieve their personal goals through movement, clarity, and inspiration, hence the business name, Touching Worlds LLC. For more information about Stephanie, please visit