The Queen of Heaven

Rev. Shelli Haft,
Woodbury, MN.
Session 2.

To begin, I will talk about Mother Mary and my seeking journey. I will go into detail about how I was afraid of the dark until I met the Queen of Heaven and how I became a Christo-Pagan. For instance, I am a Crone and belong to the Dark Moon Coven in Sacred Heart but I also believe in Jesus Christ and the miracles of the Holy Spirit. The last hour we will be going into a deep meditation into the dark mysteries of the Queen of Heaven. We will be meeting our Guardian Angel, receiving a message, writing it on paper and discussing our findings afterward.

Rev. Shelli is a psychic and has been communicating with the angels for over 50 years. She is an Akashic Record reader, hands on healer and spiritual adviser. She has been visited by Mother Mary since she was 5 years old. She is an Interfaith Reverend on a seeking mission for the last 25 years to find her unconditional God that she knew as a child and here she found the Queen of Heaven. She authored the book, ‘On My Mary Way.’