The Enso Experience

Karla Hankes, Westfield NY.
Nancy Gedney, Mason City, IA.
Session 4.

The Enso Experience is a simple, profound, and compelling process for activating theta states of consciousness and communing with the ‘deep mind’ also known as the unconscious and supra-consciousness levels of awareness. In this workshop you will learn about: • How and why the Enso Experience was developed. • The circle as a container of consciousness and portal for entering non-ordinary states of awareness. • Connecting with color and how to amplify the meaning of color. • The process for creating an Enso Circle, materials and method. • How to use the Enso Experience as a personal practice and/or with clients. • How the Enso can be incorporated in the MARI (Mandala Assessment and Research Instrument) process.

Karla Hankes, PhD is the founder of Marigold Methods® online school of other-than-conscious knowing, creator of Basin Way Synchronic Sandplay®, the Enso Experience®, The Wheel of Wholeness®, Museum of the Soul®, The Whale’s Library®, Portal Process Journeys® and other dynamic, unique, and compelling processes for engaging with wholeness via symbolic language and trans-conscious ways of knowing and communicating. Dr. Hankes completed her doctoral degree in Transformative Education at the California Institute of Integral Studies where her research focused on synchronicity and the alchemical process of grief in Jungian Sandplay Therapy. She is a certified thanatologist with the Association for Death Education and Counseling, a Jungian Sandplay therapist, and Grief Specialist. For her master’s thesis in clinical counseling in 1997, she proposed the use of circular sand trays citing rational from Jung’s theoretical work with mandalas and comparative anthropology. She earned an advanced diploma in Trauma, Abuse, and Deprivation, and as a clinician, she has incorporated expressive therapies and mandala work with numerous populations including severely mentally ill adults, juvenile offenders, and grieving children and teens. Dr. Hankes has been using the “essence container” of the drawn mandala therapeutically since discovering the work of Susanne Fincher and The Great Round of Joan Kellogg in 1991. She has been facilitating MARI® since 2012 and received advanced training from the owner of MARI, Michelle Takei, Ph.D. Karla offers live and online MARI training, individual and group consultation, supervision, and MARI Enrichment presentations.

Dr. Nancy is a multipotentialite, a spiritual seeker, poet, and speaker. While living in Tucson she offered workshops in spiritual growth and published a small newspaper, Inner Odyssey, which explored the various ways individuals journey toward wholeness. Her workshops addressed such subjects as holiness, the healing of healers, mandalas, whimsy, and breathing underwater. Dr. Nancy is a MARI practitioner, Marigold Methods instructor, and author of Marigold Methods Musings. As part of her own spiritual journey, Nancy became a spiritual director through the Tacheria School in Tucson, AZ. She was ordained as an Interfaith Contemplative Minister through the Desert Interfaith Seminary in Tucson. AZ. She has served as a Hospice Chaplain and spiritual director for many years. And best of all, she and her husband were the shepherds and stewards of up to 125 alpacas at one time, for twelve years in Idaho. Here she learned the zen of filling water buckets and the language of Hums, Ahs and Oms. (Oh, and birthing the most adorable animals on earth!) She currently follows the path of Tibetan Buddhism (still Humming, Ah-ing and Om-ing!).