The Aware Way

Doreen Johnson is the author of Dream Me Awake. It is a story of transformation and an inspiring spiritual journey. You will be touched by the courage and inspiration that is expressed in the book as Doreen describes how she overcame obstacles related to childhood sexual trauma, death of a lover, divorce and financial difficulties.

front cover of the book Dream Me Awake

Doreen is also the creator of The Aware Way. The Aware Way is a transformative journey that requires intuitive and creative awareness and illuminates truth, authenticity and wisdom. This spiritual journey cultivates great meaning, fulfillment and joy. It also brings poignant moments that bring you to your knees and require extraordinary courage and fortitude. Your life becomes a canvas for the masterpiece you’re inspired to paint, a life filled with beauty, gratitude and celebration. Listening within the stillness gifts you an opportunity to “know” your truth, the truth that informs your next step. Authenticity is the way in which you orchestrate your actions, the way in which you express your heart and passion. You develop wisdom as you deepen your relationship with the stillness and reflect upon your experiences.

As a leader of the people, The Aware Way teaches you how to align with the truth in your own unique way so that whatever you choose to contribute embodies the wisdom that sustains life for generations to come. It is your living legacy. Welcome!

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