Spirituality and Nutrition

Shawngela Pierce,
Sierra Vista, AZ.
Session 4.

It doesn’t take much to realize that in our society there is a tremendous amount of confusion related to nutrition. Most people approach nutrition from a scientific perspective, however, despite knowing that we are spiritual beings in a physical body, many have not taken the leap to explore nutrition from a spiritual perspective. Many have not thought to re-align themselves with their spiritual essence in order to follow the path of nutrition that is uniquely suited for them. In this workshop, we will explore both experientially and through lecture spirituality and nutrition.

Shawngela Pierce is an author and life coach, with a master’s degree in education and over 3-years of post-masters education in naturopathic medicine. She has also studied the art of yoga and qigong for over 10-years.

Shawngela helps those who seek heal through the power of meditation, spiritual guidance and subconscious training – all under the umbrella of the law of attraction. Shawngela’s work includes a qigong dvd, titled Qigong Meditation; and two published books – Healing and the Law of Attraction and Awakening to the Healing Powers Within. Her latest book, titled Nutrition and the Law of Attraction, shines a new light on how we view nutrition and is expected to be released in November 2019. https://seekwithinyou.com/