Spiritual Anatomy for Healers

Antoinette Caruso,
Ellsworth, ME.
Session 3.

Spiritual anatomy reveals the root cause of pain in clients that exhibit stress, anxiety, and physical pain. Emotional, mental, and spiritual issues can emerge in the body if not addressed early. By identifying the initiating factor, the practitioners can help clients heal more efficiently. The practitioner will learn the areas of the body and feel of subtle energies there that target specific emotional issues.

Antoinette realized from an early age that we are physical beings living in a metaphysical world. Because social and emotional issues, and even past life issues can impact our health and well-being, Antoinette addresses the whole person in her private practice. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, psychic and spiritual counselor who runs a private practice in Ellsworth, Maine. She’s taught alternative healing methods to the staff at Richard E. Laube Cancer Center in Kittanning Pa, and hosted the radio show “Complete Health Conversations” on WWCH Radio in Clarion PA. Today she consults with client nationwide. https://www.antoinettecaruso.com/