Shamanic Meditation & Spirit Boat Journey

Mary Newstrom,
St. Louis Park, MN.
Session 3.

I am excited to be offering this workshop to you today. We start with the Circle of Light Shamanic Meditation, which is a technique to raise our vibrational levels. Raising our vibration is a simple technique that not only heals ourselves but opens us up for greater communication with our Guiding Spirits. As we learn to transfigure, which this technique is called, we bring our consciousness into a state of harmony and balance. As we repair damage on a spiritual level, the natural world begins to repair at the same time. Learn this profound technique that brings harmony and healing into your life. Leave with a deep understanding of connection.

Once we are energetically open through the meditation, we will then move into the second part of the workshop, which is a Spirit Boat Journey. Collectively we have more power than if we are acting alone, and the Spirit Boat operates on that premise. This technique has been used around the world in different cultures as a way to centralize power to heal and bring other benefits to the community. Through intention, the boat will move the group energetically into another dimension where you will speak and communicate with your Spirit Guide, bringing you more clarity on your soul’s purpose. No experience with shamanism is needed, only an open heart and an open mind.

Mary Newstrom, Ph.D., is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and founder of Zenith High and creator of Spirit Flow~ shamanic study for Women. Studying the healing arts, for over thirty years, Mary works closely with both your and her Spirit Guides and Power Animals to deliver a powerful shamanic experience. She specializes in shamanic education, healing, cacao ceremonies, ancestral healing, and workshops that show practical ways to transform and heal our lives and the earth. She runs an educational and healing studio in the Minneapolis/Saint Louis Park, MN area. You can contact her at 952-913-5574 or Visit her website or on FaceBook@ZenithMaryNewstrom