Setting Your Internal GPS, Your I-GPS

Dorothea Hrossowyc,
Northfield, MN.
Session 4.

Neuroscience now shows us we all have our own internal GPS system, a part of the brain whose job is to see to it that we accomplish our goals and intentions for our lives. Unfortunately it typically sends you toward those goals and intentions that were set for you by someone else, or that you fell into through painful conditioning, i.e. things like “I am never going to be successful; I can’t have a close and lasting relationship; I am never good enough; I have to work really really hard to be successful; no one ever likes me; I can’t have what I want; there is something wrong with me, I always get rejected; I don’t get my needs met, I am supposed to take care of everyone else. If these sound familiar, or these kinds of things run your life, come and learn how to release these old unconscious limiting beliefs from your unconscious mind, through emotional mindfulness in the embodied self, and learn how to set the destinations you really want. And the great thing is you do not have to know how, Your I-GPS will show you the way, like it always does!

Dorothea Hrossowyc, MA, member RMPA, and ABMP, in private practice in Northfield and Lakeville, has practiced mind/body/emotional healing for over 20 years, is a Level 3 (highest level) practitioner of Self Leadership Transformational Counseling, also called Internal Family Systems. She is a member of the Rosen Method Professional Association as a certified practitioner of Rosen Method, trained by Marion Rosen and is a Rosen Method Bodywork teacher. She is also trained in Hakomi Body Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma, Development and Attachment Issues. She has presented at the North American Conference of the Rosen Method Professional Association several times, at the International Congress of Rosen Method Professionals, many times over the years at the Minnesota Women and Spirituality Conference, and the University of Minnesota’s “Ways of Knowing Symposium”, and was a plenary speaker at the National Self Leadership Psychotherapy Conference in 2017. She leads workshops and sees clients locally for emotional healing, somatic bodywork, eliminating racism, or your own sexist or classist beliefs, healing sexual hurts and trauma, embodied self awareness and raising consciousness, healing shame, and releasing old unconscious limiting beliefs. She has published articles about “Emotions and Wellness”, and “The Importance of Human Connection” in the Minneapolis newspaper Essential Wellness, and in the Rosen Method On Line Journal.