Self-Healing for Various Illnesses: A Chinese Mystery School (Hanmi Buddhist) Meditation Class

Charlotte Steen,
Little Canada, MN.
Session 3.

The Chinese Mystery School – Hanmi Buddhism—has many meditation practices and techniques for healing oneself and others. Learn one that you can use for many situations to bring your body back to health and to be free from disease and pain. Includes full transmission of the meditation with mantra, mudra and visualization. Experience relief from suffering.

Varjacharya Charlotte Steen became a student of Great Master Dechan Jueren, the 49th Lineage Bearer of the Chinese Mystery School (Hanmi Buddhism) in 2002 and was ordained as Buddhist minister in 2010. After four years studying in China, she spent four years in additional training at Dari Rulai Temple, Los Angeles, CA where she became Vice Abbot. She then returned to MN in 2012 to share the Chinese Mystery School’s rich spiritual gifts of better health, greater clarity & wisdom, and greater compassion with those in the Upper Midwest. Her mission is to support you in your transformation through ancient Chinese Esoteric Buddhist spiritual healing, meditation practices, and Buddhist prayer services (dharma rites).