Sacred Sisterhood Awakening: Embracing a New Self-Love Paradigm Together

Dawn Morningstar,
St. Paul, MN.
Sessions 2 & 4.

In order to transform our world, women need to transform their own lives first. “Sacred Sisterhood Awakening” awakens women by examining all they have been told about putting their needs and dreams behind the needs of others—and reveals the truth about the beauty and joy of living empowered, whole, and supported. This workshop teaches women to deeply examine and elevate their relationship with themselves, their Higher Power, and others. Four proven and easy-to-remember techniques that increase self-awareness are lovingly offered in this workshop. They will experience immediate results as they begin to reclaim their wholeness and live with spiritual deepening, confidence, and joy.

Participants learn how to:
• Stop putting their own needs last—guilt-free—and why that helps the world more
• Identify and prioritize what’s important in their lives—in a simple, beautiful way
• Appreciate a sparkling experience of the Divine within
• Grant themselves permission to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life
• Stop feeling alone on their journey
• Feel renewed, nourished, and blessed in every moment

Dawn Morningstar is an advocate for women, a survivor, master coach, spiritual guide, award-winning author of Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World, and podcast host of VENERABLE. Dawn founded the Venerable Women sisterhood, philosophy and movement in 2013, which emboldens women to change the world by bringing their wisdom to life. She teaches women to claim the word ‘venerable’ to describe them; it means worthy of honor, love, and respect by virtue of their wisdom and experience. Women living with the awareness of their venerability open the door to leading extraordinary lives—and transforming the world for good. As a master coach for women spanning over 25 years, she has observed that when women do better, so do all those around them. Dawn’s signature program Living LOVE (a Life Of Venerable Expression) is being taught by Venerable Women Luminary Leaders around the country in many formats.

Find her in the Great Hall at booth #1