Planet Donna




PLANET DONNA: A Warm Welcome to my world!

Friday September 21, 9am-noon
Tippi Toes Studio
1619 N Broadway, Rochester, Minnesota 55906

Sliding fee of $45-$65 based on ability to pay.  Register HERE

For those unafraid of new possibilities in human expression, this workshop zooms in to excavate the most efficient tools for unleashing the intelligence of the body in dance. Fascinated by her own multi-heritage background, Donna Mejia studied the classical traditions of many cultures and is the first tenure-track collegiate professor of transnational dance globally. After 30 years of study, she has galvanized a personal practice that defies categorization but aesthetically highlights common denominators between dances of the North African/Arab rural communities, Yoga, Ballet, American Hip-Hop, and Brazilian Silvestre Contemporary technique. Inventive fusion, hardcore rhythms, precision hip work, and athletic challenge are always part of the formula. Please note: you will be subjected to the best music in the universe! You have been warned (wink).

Workshop supplies: generous sense of humor / adventure / courage, yoga mat, athletic or dance attire that permits a full-range of motion, optional footwear for turns and slides, a tennis ball, and note-taking supplies.

Our 3-hour workshop is divided into three chapters:

1. Part 1 is a dedicated session of somatic work, joint analysis, and alignment investigation featuring introductory tidbits from the revolutionary Sridaiva and Ashtanga Yoga systems, Gyrokinesis, Body Mind Centering, Sylvestre Technique and somatic science practices. Did you think technique-building bodywork was only clinical? Not so! The study of consciousness through movement can be remarkably rich.

2. Part 2 is a movement progression session: dynamic traveling sequences that focus on big and luscious dance. Our progression sequences will involve strong cardio/pulmonary engagement, firestorm drills, short moving combinations across the floor, strong propulsion through use of the lower body, and bi-directional/asymmetrical use of the limbs. Next is an isolation and micro-movement precision session. Donna takes you through her personal practice in drilling and movement generation. Some big moves are on the menu, but we aim to also build intricacy and rhythmic clarity in our movement through remixed hip work. With music and hardcore beats as a guide, drill practice is about to get juicy.Our goal is to get the upper and lower body intelligently coordinated through our core.

3. Part 3 is an hour-long Q&A with Donna Mejia. Please bring your most confounding questions, curiosities and stories to share in this open forum session. Radical truth rules in this segment, and no question is too far out!

*** Please consider joining us for the Women and Spirituality Conference on Saturday Sept. 22 and Sunday Sept. 23 where Donna will be giving the Keynote Address. It is an amazing event with women from all walks of life and spiritual/religious traditions sharing their journeys.

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