MoonCrafted Essentials

Living in the hectic world of today, it can be hard to incorporate magick into your everyday life. MoonCrafted Essentials helps fill that void with our carefully crafted products designed to draw specific energies toward you with the simple act of lighting a candle or washing up. Special essential oil blends, herbs, botanicals, and even charged stones and crystals help our products invoke the power that surrounds us. While we have only been serving the public for about a year, we have been making soaps and candles for more than a decade to meet the ritual and lifestyle needs of our friends and family.

As a small, pagan, family-owned business our customers mean the world to us. We keep our updates coming on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, find links for everything in the sidebar and check us out.

Soaps and other products by MoonCrafted Essentials

Here at MoonCrafted Essentials, we hold nature in the highest regard. Our soy candles are 100% natural, dye-free and in recyclable aluminum tins. Our handmade soaps are detergent free and scented with essential oils. We also strive to utilize minimal packaging, most of which are recyclable and/or compostable. We are constantly refining our business practices to be as sustainable as possible without compromising the quality our customers deserve.

MoonCrafted Essentials

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