Modern Mystery School – MSP

The Modern Mystery School offers a path to an ancient tradition of empowerment, healing and service, sharing metaphysical keys and practical tools to work with energy in a real tangible way, for sustainable transformation.

Sarah Smriga is a Guide, Healer, and Kabbalah Instructor Apprentice with the Modern Mystery School, with years of experience guiding individuals on a path of accelerated growth and transformation. The Modern Mystery School provides access to an unbroken Mystery School lineage, with a time-tested system and direct handing down from teacher to student for thousands of years, preserving the integrity and power of these ancient keys to support self mastery and spiritual progression.

Image of Deb Regan

Deb Regan, CHHC, is a certified healer, teacher and Kabbalist with the Modern Mystery School. She began her journey to find purpose in life after she quit the practice of law. Her path led her to the Modern Mystery School and the study of metaphysics.The Mystery School opened the door for healing, empowerment and transformation in herself and in others.