Loving Yourself and Healing Your Spirit

Julie Lynn Joyce,
Woodbury, MN.
Session 1.

Loving yourself is not selfish. It is a bold affirmation of the value of your life. It is important to remind yourself that you deserve such love – for better health, a more positive outlook on life, and the ability to contribute to the universe the rich resources within you waiting for Soul escape.

The benefits of loving yourself are extraordinary. You will be more joyous, satisfied, liberated, empowered, ready to expand and unleash your vast potential, and able to give and receive love at a much higher level. Loving yourself is the path to freedom.

Rather than allowing yourself to be defined by other people’s actions or current circumstances, use these as opportunities for learning. You are not a victim of your circumstances. Your consciousness is carving out your experience. Stand in your spiritual power and love yourself in your true magnificence. The experience of love is liberating and never fails.

The workshop will be divided into three parts and will include storytelling, personal reflection for participants, and group sharing.

Julie Lynn is a world-renowned psychic, spiritual empowerment mentor, speaker, author, Reiki master practitioner, and holistic health coach. Julie Lynn helps guide clients towards self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence. Providing tools needed to step away from limiting beliefs, Julie helps individuals create new thoughts and energetic patterns that are reflections of their highest self. Pathways to Peace, LLC