Living Your Life Full Spectrum

This workshop is an opportunity to discover your true dream or purpose. You will learn to eliminate fear, doubt, and worry and move toward your goals with confidence and achieve greater results with less effort. During this dynamic and fun program, you will have an opportunity to define, design, and experience your dream – and receive the blueprint for how to turn your greatest possibility into your reality.

You will learn:
Two essential keys for tuning into your purpose.
Simple thinking-strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt, and worry.
What successful people do that creates sustained success.
The number one factor that causes people to lose steam when going after a dream, and how to stay motivated and override it.

Both Jan and Kelli are Certified Life Mastery Consultants and were trained at the Life Mastery Institute in Las Angeles, California instructed by Mary Morrissey and her team. As life coaches and professional speakers, Jan and Kelli offer inspiring workshops as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual aliveness.

Learn more at their website Reed Life Mastery Consulting, or on FaceBook