Living Together: Communal Living and Co-Housing for Sustainable Futures

JoAnne Makela,
St. Paul, MN.
Session 2.

With service to community at its core, is there a place for non-denominational, inter-generational, and inter-gender living in modern society? What would that look like and what would it take to make that happen? We’ll talk about how co-living may be an answer to dwindling resources. Is it just for the young and single? or can elders and families work it out as well? This discussion will be an open forum to explore creative alternatives for aging in place, reclaiming family farms, converting underused and rural churches and warehouses and other possibilities for communal living.

JoAnne Makela is a counselor, seer and ordained officiant. She employs Tarot’s 78 portals to help you sort out life’s complex puzzles and show you pathways to enrich, enlighten and engage. Schedule spiritual, empathic, compassionate guidance at Also available to counsel by phone/Skype/IM.