If Not You, then Who? Becoming the Sage the World Needs

Rita Simon, MD,
Chippewa Falls, WI.
Session 4.

“Ageism” is alive and well in our culture! It starts early in life, especially for women. Women become more and more invisible as they age, and their voices are taken less seriously or not heard at all. Other cultures value older people as sages, and as holders of experience, wisdom, spirituality, and hope. Our world is in desperate need for women to resume this role. “Who will speak as sages to a world that needs their voice if not you or I?” Let’s explore this together.

The purpose of this workshop is to help women of all ages begin to look deeply within themselves to discern and become aware of the innate wisdom that is already present in their deepest nature, no matter what age they are. We will explore ways in which this wisdom presents itself and how we can listen to what comes bubbling up, trust what we experience, act upon it in our own lives and situations, and extend it to the whole world. 

There will be time for silent reflection on these experiences, for small group discussion and sharing, and for developing a personal action plan. We will end with a brief ritual to empower the women to embrace their role as wisdom-holders and sages.

Rita Simon is a retired family practice physician who strongly believes that an essential task of each person’s life journey is to integrate one’s body, mind, and spirit, and to connect the beauty and awe of one’s inner life to that of the outer world. She embraces her role of helping people explore awareness of their personal body/mind/spirit beings and develop the insights to learn and practice whatever is needed for their own integration and balance. Rita has a particular love for, and connection with, the amazing spiritual women of the past and present who serve as her guides. She practices embodied spirituality through vocal and instrumental music, yoga and dance, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Brick wall and rugged gateway, by Rita Simon