Healer, Heal Thyself

Nedra Blietz,
West Salem, WI.
Session 4.

The belief systems of a healer are very important. In this workshop, we will check subconscious beliefs around instant healings, belief blocks for healers, programs around giving and receiving love, seeing truth, and feeling protected. We will also look at programs of taking on other peoples’ energies and sacrificing yourself for others. If you are a healer of any type or someone who is affected by other peoples’ energies, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to clear out some of these programs. It is possible to live without being affected by other peoples’ energies. Join ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science and Purpose Coach Nedra Blietz, to learn more!

After 20 years in office and hotel management, working paycheck to paycheck, feeling stressed out and often angry, I was ready for change. When my youngest child headed off to college, I devoted my time to becoming a trained yoga instructor and meditation facilitator. I was fascinated with the chakras and soon began to study healing crystals and other forms of healing energy. The more courses I took, the more I realized how to use these tools to change how I was feeling, my perception of the world and make big changes in my life. Of all the healing modalities I studied, I found that ThetaHealing® created the most powerful and significant shifts in my life. Through the ThetaHealing technique, I no longer need to “control” things, it has helped me eliminate anger and many limiting belief patterns from my life. Now, I am blessed to travel around the country and the world doing what I love which is teaching others how to bring healing into their lives and create a life that aligns with their true self and divine purpose.