From Victim to Guru: Self-Realization through Archetypes and their Goddesses Counterparts (Part I).

Claire Marie Kohout, Hudson, WI. 
Jennifer Hummel, New Richmond, WI. 
Session 1.

Broaden one’s self-realization with the archetypes and their goddesses through the lens of the chakra system. At the end of the course, participants will be able to identify their archetype, have the tools to invoke the goddess within, and the knowledge to make personal choices in their life which can lead them into self-realization, empowerment and growth.

For each chakra we will discuss the differences between the two aspects, the Goddess(es) related to the chakra system and affirmations to invoke the power embodied by that goddess. We will have handouts for each.

Please note, this is part one of a two part workshop, plan to attend both

Jennifer Hummel, owner of The Sprouted Path, LLC, is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Morphogenic Field Technique trained and a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner. Through her education, she takes the approach that each person is bio-individual and can pull from a variety of resources to customize a healing protocol unique to each person.

Claire Marie has been professionally presenting and speaking for the last 3 years. For such organizations as Edge Life, BodyLab USA, Heart and Soul Wellness Events and the North Central Healing Touch Community Gathering. She has a BS in Speech Communication from the University of Wisconsin River Falls, and has been teaching locally for the last 7 years. Claire Marie is adamant that self-worth, self-love and personal introspection are keys to healing and living a life full of joy, empowerment, vibrancy and abundance.

You can find Claire at booth # 14 in the Great Hall.