Freeing your Soul from Stress

Jurema Silva,
Collegeville, MN.
Session 4.

When you are stressed you lose the sense of self. Your physical body is deeply affected, responding to your state of mind and feelings. You create a disconnection with the Source and the essence of who you really are: a divine spiritual feminine being. Peace of mind, love, confidence, presence, happiness are all hard to come by when we are stressed, especially in this stressful modern day environment.

Jurema will take you to the root of the stressors and will empower you to release stress and anxiety. She will guide you to learn what triggers stress, when and why – What is happening to your body – How to regain your spiritual power to win over stress – Healing you and your family – Tools to re-educate your subconscious mind – Breathing techniques to release stress – How to be present and create positive energy – How to connect with your essence/spirit.

Jurema Silva is one of the most celebrated intuitive healers and speakers in the Upper Midwest. She has been transforming the lives of numerous individuals throughout the world, providing Spiritual Counseling and Brazilian Energy Healing. Don’t miss this impactful lecture.