Finding Guidance for a Woman’s Life Journey through Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

Jennifer Exsted, Chanhassen.
Sharon Burton, Rochester.
Session 1.

Each phase of life’s journey, from youth to elder years, brings with it spiritual lessons and challenges. The journey includes lessons about relationships, marriage, children, work and career, and issues related to aging. On the journey, there are spiritual turning points when we seek guidance from the Divine on our next step. This workshop offers a chance to share lessons from life stories and learn spiritual techniques to help us tap into the inner guidance that is available to each of us. We will share techniques for exploring past lives, getting guidance from dreams, and getting a higher viewpoint using Soul Travel. ECKANKAR-The Path of Spiritual Freedom, welcomes all faiths, to come and share in this interactive workshop.

Jennifer Exsted is a Vice President in corporate America who leads a team of top performers. She is also a volunteer Coordinator for 200+ events per year that explore various spiritual topics. She has won awards for her work and has held various leadership positions throughout her life. She enjoys using inner guidance to find answers to all of life’s situations.

Sharon Burton is a retired radiologist and a member of the Eckankar clergy. She is grateful to be a hospice and grief support volunteer and facilitator for spiritual discussion groups. Sharon also finds joy in being with family and friends, sharing photos of beautiful moments, and learning to dance.

Both Jennifer and Sharon have led various spiritual discussions throughout Minnesota and have been long time presenters of the Women & Spirituality Conference. Sharon lives in Rochester and has facilitated both spiritual discussion classes and spiritual book discussions in the Rochester area. Both are passionate about spiritual principles and are eager to help others find ways to tap into their own inner guidance. Find them at booth #50