Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy Balance

Leah Somerville,
Amanda Rangel,
Minneapolis, MN.
Session 1.

The purpose of this workshop is to guide participants inward. Participants will receive a blueprint of characteristics of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy. The goal is to bring awareness to the energy that they have within and explain how the % of each that a person carries will determine how life unfolds. We will be talking about the benefits of each energy and the power of balancing both. There will be a discussion about what happens when the energy is unbalanced; with examples of how the universe will communicate to get a person on the path of balance.

Amanda Rangel co-founded IntraAwareness, a Holistic Lifestyle Training System™. As a Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of OnenessNLP™ she specializes in Empath Development, Spiritual Guidance, and Awakening, Elevating & Mastering Personal Power Within. She works with those who want to experience something more in life and are ready to take action. As a speaker, writer and host of various courses around the Twin Cities it is her passion to help elevate those around her. https://intraawareness.com/amanda/

Leah Somerville is a Spiritual Teacher, Shaman and a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist. Having received extensive Shamanic Training while traveling to Peru her specialty is connecting earth medicine to her clients. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, and Master Practitioner of OnenessNLP™. In addition to her 1-1 coaching clients, she hosts a variety of experiential energy focused classes around the Twin Cities which provide participants with renewed energy and healing. http://www.intraawareness.com/leah/