Death is a Partner for Life

Deah Kinion,
Rochester, MN.
Session 4.

This class will educate and empower participants and help to remove the stigma of fear and shame associated with death. It will demonstrate death’s role in cultivating an increase in love, forgiveness and compassion. Students will receive tools and practices for enriching one’s life journey and preparedness for a sacred death. Also included will be support tools for sudden and unexpected death.

Deah Kinion, was born in Minneapolis and moved to California to study Women’s Studies, got introduced to acupuncture and eventually became a Licensed Acupuncturist practicing for over 30 years. She aspires to motivate others to live a mindful, healthy life with purpose. Along that same continuum she is active in the wide range of death education, and recently completed ‘End of Life,’ Death Doula training.