Courage to ACT

Cheryl Killilea,
Onalaska, WI.
Session 2.

Discover how your unique purpose, strengths, and future visions can not only help you on the path to change but give you the confidence to enjoy the bumpy ride along the way. Utilize the ACT (Acknowledge Change Today) method to step forward and embrace areas of change. You will also gain knowledge on how breath techniques, yoga postures, mantras and visualizations can keep you calm and grounded on the journey to self discovery and long lasting change.

Cheryl Killilea is a fitness fanatic, mud runner, body builder, and dedicated yogi who works with women to help them ACT (Acknowledge Change Today) and transform their lives to live their fullest potential.

Cheryl is no stranger to big life changes and started her journey when change was thrust upon her at the young age of 12. Regardless of the types of change, Cheryl learned to navigate the challenging times with exercise, healthy nutrition, yoga, breath techniques, and so much more. She truly discovered her passion for all things health and fitness at 40 with a major career shift and opened her own Training/Yoga studio, proof that she isn’t afraid to change lanes in life. Ironically her studio is “Changing Lanes Fitness & Nutrition” She currently rides the fast lane in her entrepreneur life with her husband and 2 children right beside her while embracing the inevitable change along the path to leading her best life ever.