Vocal Toning: Using Your Voice For Healing and Transformation

Cathleen Gempeler,
Apple Valley, MN.
Session 4.

Vocal toning is vibrational medicine. Each of us has been given an extraordinary gift: the voice. The voice holds all of our wounds, pain and hurts and when we use this gift of the voice to release hurts and emotions, we heal from within using our own innate and powerful voice. Toning is defined as the vocal sounding of the breath. Vocal toning harmonizes and releases any blocked emotional memory patterns.

Cathleen Gempeler is a board certified music therapist in private practice. She is the owner of MUSIC FOR HEALING LLC in Apple Valley, MN. Cathleen has 25 years of music therapy experience working with people of all ages and levels of ability. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy, she uses vocal toning/sound healing daily and has found that this practice opens the mind and the heart and it keeps one healthy–physically, emotionally, spiritually because it cleanses our electromagnetic field and harmonizes patterns. She bases her vocal toning practice on the pioneering work of Don G. Campbell and Laurel Elizabeth Keyes. They both left a legacy of vocal toning for all of us. Vocal toning is calming and brings you into increased awareness. Cathleen has presented at St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Mt. Olivet Rolling Acres, and Rotary groups. http://www.cathleengempeler.com/

Healer, Heal Thyself

Nedra Blietz,
West Salem, WI.
Session 4.

The belief systems of a healer are very important. In this workshop, we will check subconscious beliefs around instant healings, belief blocks for healers, programs around giving and receiving love, seeing truth, and feeling protected. We will also look at programs of taking on other peoples’ energies and sacrificing yourself for others. If you are a healer of any type or someone who is affected by other peoples’ energies, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to clear out some of these programs. It is possible to live without being affected by other peoples’ energies. Join ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science and Purpose Coach Nedra Blietz, to learn more!

After 20 years in office and hotel management, working paycheck to paycheck, feeling stressed out and often angry, I was ready for change. When my youngest child headed off to college, I devoted my time to becoming a trained yoga instructor and meditation facilitator. I was fascinated with the chakras and soon began to study healing crystals and other forms of healing energy. The more courses I took, the more I realized how to use these tools to change how I was feeling, my perception of the world and make big changes in my life. Of all the healing modalities I studied, I found that ThetaHealing® created the most powerful and significant shifts in my life. Through the ThetaHealing technique, I no longer need to “control” things, it has helped me eliminate anger and many limiting belief patterns from my life. Now, I am blessed to travel around the country and the world doing what I love which is teaching others how to bring healing into their lives and create a life that aligns with their true self and divine purpose.

Spirituality and Nutrition

Shawngela Pierce,
Sierra Vista, AZ.
Session 4.

It doesn’t take much to realize that in our society there is a tremendous amount of confusion related to nutrition. Most people approach nutrition from a scientific perspective, however, despite knowing that we are spiritual beings in a physical body, many have not taken the leap to explore nutrition from a spiritual perspective. Many have not thought to re-align themselves with their spiritual essence in order to follow the path of nutrition that is uniquely suited for them. In this workshop, we will explore both experientially and through lecture spirituality and nutrition.

Shawngela Pierce is an author and life coach, with a master’s degree in education and over 3-years of post-masters education in naturopathic medicine. She has also studied the art of yoga and qigong for over 10-years.

Shawngela helps those who seek heal through the power of meditation, spiritual guidance and subconscious training – all under the umbrella of the law of attraction. Shawngela’s work includes a qigong dvd, titled Qigong Meditation; and two published books – Healing and the Law of Attraction and Awakening to the Healing Powers Within. Her latest book, titled Nutrition and the Law of Attraction, shines a new light on how we view nutrition and is expected to be released in November 2019. https://seekwithinyou.com/

The Enso Experience

Karla Hankes, Westfield NY.
Nancy Gedney, Mason City, IA.
Session 4.

The Enso Experience is a simple, profound, and compelling process for activating theta states of consciousness and communing with the ‘deep mind’ also known as the unconscious and supra-consciousness levels of awareness. In this workshop you will learn about: • How and why the Enso Experience was developed. • The circle as a container of consciousness and portal for entering non-ordinary states of awareness. • Connecting with color and how to amplify the meaning of color. • The process for creating an Enso Circle, materials and method. • How to use the Enso Experience as a personal practice and/or with clients. • How the Enso can be incorporated in the MARI (Mandala Assessment and Research Instrument) process. https://marigoldmethods.com/

Karla Hankes, PhD is the founder of Marigold Methods® online school of other-than-conscious knowing, creator of Basin Way Synchronic Sandplay®, the Enso Experience®, The Wheel of Wholeness®, Museum of the Soul®, The Whale’s Library®, Portal Process Journeys® and other dynamic, unique, and compelling processes for engaging with wholeness via symbolic language and trans-conscious ways of knowing and communicating. Dr. Hankes completed her doctoral degree in Transformative Education at the California Institute of Integral Studies where her research focused on synchronicity and the alchemical process of grief in Jungian Sandplay Therapy. She is a certified thanatologist with the Association for Death Education and Counseling, a Jungian Sandplay therapist, and Grief Specialist. For her master’s thesis in clinical counseling in 1997, she proposed the use of circular sand trays citing rational from Jung’s theoretical work with mandalas and comparative anthropology. She earned an advanced diploma in Trauma, Abuse, and Deprivation, and as a clinician, she has incorporated expressive therapies and mandala work with numerous populations including severely mentally ill adults, juvenile offenders, and grieving children and teens. Dr. Hankes has been using the “essence container” of the drawn mandala therapeutically since discovering the work of Susanne Fincher and The Great Round of Joan Kellogg in 1991. She has been facilitating MARI® since 2012 and received advanced training from the owner of MARI, Michelle Takei, Ph.D. Karla offers live and online MARI training, individual and group consultation, supervision, and MARI Enrichment presentations.

Dr. Nancy is a multipotentialite, a spiritual seeker, poet, and speaker. While living in Tucson she offered workshops in spiritual growth and published a small newspaper, Inner Odyssey, which explored the various ways individuals journey toward wholeness. Her workshops addressed such subjects as holiness, the healing of healers, mandalas, whimsy, and breathing underwater. Dr. Nancy is a MARI practitioner, Marigold Methods instructor, and author of Marigold Methods Musings. As part of her own spiritual journey, Nancy became a spiritual director through the Tacheria School in Tucson, AZ. She was ordained as an Interfaith Contemplative Minister through the Desert Interfaith Seminary in Tucson. AZ. She has served as a Hospice Chaplain and spiritual director for many years. And best of all, she and her husband were the shepherds and stewards of up to 125 alpacas at one time, for twelve years in Idaho. Here she learned the zen of filling water buckets and the language of Hums, Ahs and Oms. (Oh, and birthing the most adorable animals on earth!) She currently follows the path of Tibetan Buddhism (still Humming, Ah-ing and Om-ing!).

Feeling, Seeing, & Psychically Reading Auras

Paula Kramer,
Nelsonville, WI.
Session 4.

The first step in developing psychic skills is to pay attention, and auras are an easy and fun way to begin paying attention. Auras are colorful electromagnetic energy fields that surround us as individuals and as groups. Paying attention to your aura can get you started on identifying your psychic skills and help you take advantage of everything the psychic realm has to offer. Individual experiences during the workshop will vary.

Lifelong psychic, professional speaker, documentary filmmaker, and global mogul in transformation tactics and transformation services. This is the most fun activity Paula does every year. In part it is fun because every year Paula learns new things about auras from her participants. betterplanetbusiness.com 

Freeing your Soul from Stress

Jurema Silva,
Collegeville, MN.
Session 4.

When you are stressed you lose the sense of self. Your physical body is deeply affected, responding to your state of mind and feelings. You create a disconnection with the Source and the essence of who you really are: a divine spiritual feminine being. Peace of mind, love, confidence, presence, happiness are all hard to come by when we are stressed, especially in this stressful modern day environment.

Jurema will take you to the root of the stressors and will empower you to release stress and anxiety. She will guide you to learn what triggers stress, when and why – What is happening to your body – How to regain your spiritual power to win over stress – Healing you and your family – Tools to re-educate your subconscious mind – Breathing techniques to release stress – How to be present and create positive energy – How to connect with your essence/spirit.

Jurema Silva is one of the most celebrated intuitive healers and speakers in the Upper Midwest. She has been transforming the lives of numerous individuals throughout the world, providing Spiritual Counseling and Brazilian Energy Healing. Don’t miss this impactful lecture. https://juremasilva.com/

Deep Awakenings Prom[p]t Connect – A Journaling Circle

Sara Taylor,
River Falls, WI.
Session 4.

This class examines the benefits of journaling while on a spiritual quest. Journaling can be considered a dialogue with one’s soul in an effort to write toward wholeness of self. This class presents the opportunity to discover parts of self and a oneness of the universe. Writing creates a better understanding of one’s life. Using in-class activities of writing and small group discussion, participants will experience first hand the power of guided journaling.

Sara Taylor loves the challenges of life, learning and simplicity. She finds the intersection of people, processes and products fascinating. Sara is a graduate of the Christine Center’s 3 year Spiritual Awakening program.

Find her in the Great Hall, booth #10

Setting Your Internal GPS, Your I-GPS

Dorothea Hrossowyc,
Northfield, MN.
Session 4.

Neuroscience now shows us we all have our own internal GPS system, a part of the brain whose job is to see to it that we accomplish our goals and intentions for our lives. Unfortunately it typically sends you toward those goals and intentions that were set for you by someone else, or that you fell into through painful conditioning, i.e. things like “I am never going to be successful; I can’t have a close and lasting relationship; I am never good enough; I have to work really really hard to be successful; no one ever likes me; I can’t have what I want; there is something wrong with me, I always get rejected; I don’t get my needs met, I am supposed to take care of everyone else. If these sound familiar, or these kinds of things run your life, come and learn how to release these old unconscious limiting beliefs from your unconscious mind, through emotional mindfulness in the embodied self, and learn how to set the destinations you really want. And the great thing is you do not have to know how, Your I-GPS will show you the way, like it always does!

Dorothea Hrossowyc, MA, member RMPA, and ABMP, in private practice in Northfield and Lakeville, has practiced mind/body/emotional healing for over 20 years, is a Level 3 (highest level) practitioner of Self Leadership Transformational Counseling, also called Internal Family Systems. She is a member of the Rosen Method Professional Association as a certified practitioner of Rosen Method, trained by Marion Rosen and is a Rosen Method Bodywork teacher. She is also trained in Hakomi Body Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma, Development and Attachment Issues. She has presented at the North American Conference of the Rosen Method Professional Association several times, at the International Congress of Rosen Method Professionals, many times over the years at the Minnesota Women and Spirituality Conference, and the University of Minnesota’s “Ways of Knowing Symposium”, and was a plenary speaker at the National Self Leadership Psychotherapy Conference in 2017. She leads workshops and sees clients locally for emotional healing, somatic bodywork, eliminating racism, or your own sexist or classist beliefs, healing sexual hurts and trauma, embodied self awareness and raising consciousness, healing shame, and releasing old unconscious limiting beliefs. She has published articles about “Emotions and Wellness”, and “The Importance of Human Connection” in the Minneapolis newspaper Essential Wellness, and in the Rosen Method On Line Journal.

Death is a Partner for Life

Deah Kinion,
Rochester, MN.
Session 4.

This class will educate and empower participants and help to remove the stigma of fear and shame associated with death. It will demonstrate death’s role in cultivating an increase in love, forgiveness and compassion. Students will receive tools and practices for enriching one’s life journey and preparedness for a sacred death. Also included will be support tools for sudden and unexpected death.

Deah Kinion, was born in Minneapolis and moved to California to study Women’s Studies, got introduced to acupuncture and eventually became a Licensed Acupuncturist practicing for over 30 years. She aspires to motivate others to live a mindful, healthy life with purpose. Along that same continuum she is active in the wide range of death education, and recently completed ‘End of Life,’ Death Doula training. www.Abundant-Chi.com

If Not You, then Who? Becoming the Sage the World Needs

Rita Simon, MD,
Chippewa Falls, WI.
Session 4.

“Ageism” is alive and well in our culture! It starts early in life, especially for women. Women become more and more invisible as they age, and their voices are taken less seriously or not heard at all. Other cultures value older people as sages, and as holders of experience, wisdom, spirituality, and hope. Our world is in desperate need for women to resume this role. “Who will speak as sages to a world that needs their voice if not you or I?” Let’s explore this together.

The purpose of this workshop is to help women of all ages begin to look deeply within themselves to discern and become aware of the innate wisdom that is already present in their deepest nature, no matter what age they are. We will explore ways in which this wisdom presents itself and how we can listen to what comes bubbling up, trust what we experience, act upon it in our own lives and situations, and extend it to the whole world. 

There will be time for silent reflection on these experiences, for small group discussion and sharing, and for developing a personal action plan. We will end with a brief ritual to empower the women to embrace their role as wisdom-holders and sages.

Rita Simon is a retired family practice physician who strongly believes that an essential task of each person’s life journey is to integrate one’s body, mind, and spirit, and to connect the beauty and awe of one’s inner life to that of the outer world. She embraces her role of helping people explore awareness of their personal body/mind/spirit beings and develop the insights to learn and practice whatever is needed for their own integration and balance. Rita has a particular love for, and connection with, the amazing spiritual women of the past and present who serve as her guides. She practices embodied spirituality through vocal and instrumental music, yoga and dance, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Brick wall and rugged gateway, by Rita Simon